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Deliveries and Returns

  • We only deliver on the peninsula and to the Balearic Islands. We do not deliver our products to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.
  • Orders are normally sent by messenger within 48 hours of receipt of payment (from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays). They have a tracking number and no signature is required on delivery.
  • An additional charge will be applied for urgent deliveries. Please contact us before selecting this option. Whichever delivery option you select, we will provide you with a link for you to track your order online.
  • If payment is made after 3.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), it will be processed the following working day.
  • Delivery costs include handling and packaging as well as postal fees. Handling costs have a fixed price, while transport costs vary according to the total weight of the package. We recommend grouping all your items in a single order. We cannot combine two different orders and postal fees will be applied for each individual order.
  • We are not responsible for any damage your package may be subject to after delivery, but we will do everything we can to protect all fragile items. The boxes are large and your order will be well protected.


Sales, Cancellation and Returns Policy

  • Products can be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt.
  • If products are broken or defective, the client must notify La Brava Beer through the usual channels or inform the messenger within 24 hours. After this time period has elapsed, no claims can be made for breakages or defective products.
  • If products are broken or defective, La Brava Beer will replace the broken or defective product free of charge. Alternatively, if the client prefers, La Brava Beer will provide a full refund for the products.
  • If the products are delivered correctly and in perfect condition but do not conform to the clients’ expectations, La Brava Beer will refund the cost of the product but the return postage fees will be charged to the client.


Secure Payment

We use the following secure third-party payment methods for credit or debit card payments:


Credit and Debit Cards

Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Visa Electron

Tarjetas de crédito/débito



Conditions and Limitations of Use for the Tap Dispenser Service for Private Consumption

This service includes the beer tap and the following parts required for the tap to function correctly:

  • Cooler (dispenser, tap, illuminated logo knob, CO2 pressure gauges and bayonet to pierce the barrel);
  • CO2 cylinder;
  • Pipe and drainage bucket;
  • Extension lead for the electricity supply;
  • Transformer to illuminate the logo knob;
  • 30-litre barrel(s) of beer (in the quantity ordered by the client).


Service Provision

The service consists of:

  1. Transportation and assembly of the dispenser and all the components to ensure its correct operation, as well as the product purchased in units of 30-litre barrels with the manufacturer’s seal.
  2. Adequate information on the best way to change empty barrels for full ones and a clear and easy-to-follow explanation of how the dispenser works depending on the service procured.
  3. Disassembly and removal of the dispenser and all the components.
  4. 4Revision to ensure the good use of the dispenser and an inventory of the materials provided for the procured service.
  5. Removal of all the beer barrels regardless of whether they are full or empty.


Terms and Conditions of Service Procurement for Private Consumption

The client must have a suitable space available in order to offer the service in optimal conditions. This means suitable and stable flooring which is water- and beer-resistant and there must be a nearby drain to dispose of liquid waste correctly.

The company reserves the right to refuse service depending on the conditions and possibilities offered by the client’s premises in terms of the inconveniences of the interiors, flooring or other, as well as difficulties of access which impede the easy assembly of the dispenser, etc.

La Brava Beer SL is not responsible for any elements near the dispenser which do not belong to the company in the event of any deterioration, breakdowns, imperfections or damage caused by a spillage of liquid from the dispenser or any of its elements, whether due to a breakdown or incorrect use of the dispenser.

Under no circumstances will the service be assembled on the public highway. The dispenser will only be assembled on private property otherwise, if it is a public bar (restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, public centres or private properties owned by someone other than the signatory for the service), third party authorisation must be obtained.

The signatory for the service agrees that the product is for private consumption and that under no circumstances will the product be sold or dispensed to third parties. The signatory accepts responsibility for not supplying the La Brava product with alcoholic content to minors under 18 years of age.

The signatory for the service shall not disassemble, repair or modify in any way the dispenser beyond changing empty barrels for full ones.

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the dispenser, the signatory must call the Technical Service to resolve the incident. La Brava will provide the contact telephone number for the Technical Service.

Once the dispenser service has been installed, the client is informed by the reading of this document that the dispenser needs a minimum period of 2 hours for the system to cool the product to the correct temperature for its consumption. The client will therefore take this cooling period into account when arranging the assembly time.

The barrels will be delivered with a seal around the piercing valve. La Brava will charge the client for all the barrels which do not contain the seal, whether full or empty.

The assembly and disassembly times will be agreed during the hours described in the service procurement. In the event this service cannot be performed for reasons beyond La Brava’s control, any associated costs shall be charged to the client. In the event that the dispenser and its components cannot be disassembled and collected at the agreed time, La Brava shall subtract any associated costs from the security deposit.



The service shall be paid for by credit or debit card and the client must authorise their financial entity to reserve €500 for La Brava Beer SL as a security deposit to guarantee the correct use of the dispenser equipment provided (dispenser, barrels, cylinders, etc.). If the dispenser or any of the components are returned in imperfect condition or have been damaged in any way, La Brava Beer SL will charge the client a fee of €500.

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